Server Info

Wowaura TBC is a blizzlike private server and will never have any fun custom things ingame!

  • XP Rates : x2 (Kill, Quest and Exploration)
  • Money Rates : x1
  • Item Drop Rates : x1
  • XP Rates RAF : x3
  • Implemented RAF (Recruit a Friend)  System , For more information  Click Here !
  • Movemaps: On for the whole world and all instances! This means proper pathfinding for all NPCs is enabled!
  • Vmaps: On for the whole world, BGs, Arenas, and instances!
  • No falling under the textures with teleport or charge skills in normal circumstances.
  • Balanced All Classes in PvP and PVE with all spells and talents working properly!
  • All Raids, Dungeons and World bosses have been scripted offylike !
  • All Zones Quest chains and events scripted most of them !
  • Implemented Own and Proprietary Anticheat !
  • Our best Testers tested all Instances, Arenas, Battlegrounds etc and Solved almost all exploits that can be found by Cheaters!
  • Automatic backup system
  • DDOS Protection
  • Good Latency for All World players !
  • Multilanguage Support
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