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Thank you for viewing this post that is dedicated to explaining the process of the WoWAura TBC Recruit of Friend (RaF).

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that Recruit a Friend is a system implemented for the friends you recruit to WoWAura TBC.

The idea of it is to help introduce your friends to the server and enable you two to play together with extra benefits.

What does the RaF include?

  • Playing together in a group/party with your friend
  • Not more than 4 levels apart
  • Below level 60
  • After reach level 60 , you will recieve a reward Mount : Swift Zhevra 

P.S : The reward will be sent to an empty slot in your Bags, or if your bags are full, it will automatically get sent to your Mailbox.

If you aren't in a party with your recruiter, you will not recieve your bonus experience. If one of the players level outside the four level restraint your bonus experience will be disabled until you closed the gap. Once you reach level 60, your bonus experience returns to the selected WoWAura TBC amount.

The Process of Recruit a Friend

If you want to recruit your friend to the server, look at your own Recruit a Friend ID

( Found on your RAF Page on the web Click Here ). Have your friend add this RaF code when they create a new account. This will have your accounts linked for RaF! 

After you add your friend RAF ID to your RAF Friends list, your friend will recieve a Notification message, when he logs in on the website, regarding the RAF invitation, and you will also recieve a E-mail Notification.

If you added a friend to your RAF List and he doesn't like to play and levelup with you, he can delete your RAF invitation directly from his account !

WARNING: Remember that you cannot add more than 5x RAF account ID of your friends to your RAF Friends list !


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